Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA


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Covington is a city in Kenton County, Kentucky. It is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Licking rivers. Cincinnati, Ohio, lies to its north across the Ohio and Newport, Kentucky, to its east across the Licking. Part of the Cincinnati–Northern Kentucky metropolitan area, Covington had a population of 40,640 at the time of the 2010 U.S. census, making it the 5th-most-populous city in Kentucky. It is one of its county's two seats, along with Independence.
In 1814 when John Gano, Richard Gano, and Thomas Carneal purchased The Point, 150 acres (0.6 km2) of land on the west side of the Licking River at its confluence with the Ohio, from Thomas Kennedy for $50,000 and founded the European-American town of Covington. The city was formally incorporated by the Kentucky General Assembly a year later.
Stewart Iron Works was established in 1862 and became the largest iron fence maker in the world. Covington experienced growth during most of the 19th century, only to decline during the Great Depression and the middle 20th century. The city has seen some redevelopment during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Long the most populous city in Kenton County,


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Geburt    Personen-Kennung 
1 Hubbard, Alice A.  11 Apr 1861Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I163936
2 Morehead, Albert Hodges  22 Aug 1852Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I27690
3 Paris, Joshua  29 Dez 1821Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I92684
4 Steidle, Marcella Rose  19 Jun 1906Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I238669


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Getauft    Personen-Kennung 
1 Steidle, Marcella Rose  1 Jul 1906Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I238669


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Gestorben    Personen-Kennung 
1 Morehead, James Turner  24 Dez 1854Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I26644
2 Morehead, Maria  Mai 1849Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I27685
3 Porter, Bruce  Dez 1857Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I26628
4 Tuthill, Juanita Belle  21 Jan 1962Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA I237825


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   Familie    Verheiratet    Familien-Kennung 
1 Buescher / Meyer  12 Nov 1909Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA F82786
2 Erpenbeck / Steidle  17 Jun 1930Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA F82784
3 Gore / Morehead  15 Sep 1846Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA F8932
4 Porter / Morehead  11 Jan 1855Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, USA F8935