Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, USA


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Hammond is a city in Lake County, Indiana, United States. It is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. The population was 80,830 at the 2010 census, replacing Gary as the most populous city in Lake County.
The first permanent residents arrived around 1847 to settle on land between the Grand and Little Calumet rivers, on the south end of Lake Michigan. Those first residents were German farmers newly arrived from Europe looking for land and opportunity. Before that time, the area was a crossroad for Indian tribes, explorers, stagecoach lines and supply lines to the West. Convenient location and abundant fresh water from Lake Michigan led to the beginning of Hammond's industrialization in 1869 with the George H. Hammond Company meat-packing plant following merchants and farmers to the area. Hammond was incorporated on April 21, 1884, and was named after the Detroit butcher. Hammond is one of the oldest cities in Lake County, with Crown Point being the oldest, established in 1834. According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago, George Henry Hammond, a pioneer in the use of refrigerated railcars for the transport of fresh meat, first used this method with his small packing company in Detroit, Michigan. In 1868, Hammond received a patent for a refrigerator car design. In the early 1870s, he built a new plant in northern Indiana along the tracks of the Michigan Central Railroad. By 1873, the George H. Hammond Co. was selling $1 million worth of meat a year; by 1875, sales were nearly $2 million. The company's large packing house in Hammond—the town had taken the name of its most powerful resident—rivaled those located at the Union Stock Yard in Chicago. By the middle of the 1880s, when it built a new plant in Omaha, Nebraska, Hammond was slaughtering over 100,000 cattle a year and owned a fleet of 800 refrigerator cars. After Hammond died in 1886, the company became less important and no longer challenged the giant Chicago packers, who acquired Hammond at the turn of the century and merged it into their National Packing Co.
On June 22, 1918, the Hammond circus train wreck occurred about 5.5 miles (8.9 km) east of the city, killing 86 and injuring 127 persons.
According to the 1960 U.S. Census Hammond's population reached a record high of 111,698 residents.


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1 Kuschel, Marvin  9 Okt 1932Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, USA I117761
2 Shinkle, Linda Darlene  12 Mai 1955Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, USA I163918


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1 Chambers, Ella Mae  27 Nov 1995Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, USA I163682
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8 Simmons, Clara Frances  19 Nov 1954Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, USA I163783


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1 Chambers, William Washington  Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, USA I163777
2 Simmons, Clara Frances  22 Nov 1954Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, USA I163783